SquirrelMail for Amahi



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SquirrelMail is an interface to your HDA's email system through the web. It has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong support for attachments, address books, calendar and folders.

NOTE: This application requires Amahi Mail System be installed to work properly.

SquirrelMail is also highly customizable. You can install and share "plugins" at your SquirrelMail server to extend its functionality to meet your needs. The Compatibility and Change SQL Password plugins are installed by default.
Home Page SquirrelMail
Version 1.4.22
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated over 4 years ago
Tags webmail
  • Fedora 14 Fedora 19
  • Fedora 21 Fedora 23
  • Fedora 25 Fedora 27
  • Fedora 32

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