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AjaXplorer is a Ajax file manager with powerful features and user-friendly interface.Its rich layout and actions make it accessible to any end-user. The interface is Ajax based, thus providing very intuitive functionalities, very close of a standard file system explorer you can find on any OS.

NOTE: AjaXplorer has been replaced with Pydio and no longer available in Amahi 8 or future versions.


File Manipulation

  • Rename/Copy/Move/Delete/Download files or folders
  • Upload multiple files and track status with progress bar (Flash required and no https)
  • Create folders and empty files, edit permissions (chmod)
  • Edit Text files and code files (js, php, html, java, sql, perl), syntax is highlighted in the editor
  • View Images online, preview images in the list, diaporama of a given folder
  • Listen to MP3s online without downloading them
  • View Flash videos (FLV) online and full screen.
  • Browse and Extract ZIP files online
  • Generate a public download link, with optional password and expiration date

Rich GUI

  • Select multiple files or folders (copy/move/delete action can be applied)
  • Drag n'Drop selection to copy/move
  • List/Thumbnail Display
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow = toggle selection, Tab = navigate between panels, Esc = close dialog windows

Advanced Features

  • Bookmarks system
  • Search recursively in folders
  • Send URLs with file links to a friend for convenient sharing
  • Recycle Bin with a restore action
  • User Preferences to set preferred language, display or password
  • Multiple Languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish
  • Customizable GUI with header and footer templates

Admin Features

  • User Management system
  • Multiple Root Directory to define separate repositories and assign access rights for each user
  • Logging system

NOTE: For FireFox, a minimum version of 4.0 is required.
Home Page AjaXplorer
Version 5.0.2
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated over 4 years ago
Tags Web based file access, Ajax, file access, php
  • Fedora 14 Ubuntu 12.04
  • Fedora 19 Fedora 21
  • Fedora 23 Fedora 25
  • Fedora 27 Fedora 32

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