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Amahi Mail System

Amahi Mail System

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Amahi Mail System (AMS) adds a Postfix mail server that is based on virtual users and domains to your Home Digital Assistant (HDA).

The advantage of such a "virtual" setup (virtual users and domains in a database) is that it is far more performant than a setup that is based on "real" system users. With this virtual setup your mail server can handle thousands of domains and users. Besides, it is easier to administrate because you only have to deal with the database when you add new users/domains or edit existing ones. For the administration of the database you can use the built-in tool or web based ones like phpMyAdmin or Adminer. The third advantage is that users have an email address as user name (instead of a user name + an email address) which is easier to understand and keep in mind.

  • Mail server with virtual users and domains
  • Integrated database management console
  • Single user authentication mechanism
  • Capable of SMTP-AUTH and TLS
  • Passwords are stored in encrypted form
  • Emails will be scanned for spam and viruses
  • Works with most email clients (Thunderbird, MS Outlook, etc)
  • Compatible with Roundcube, AtMail, and SquirrelMail applications

NOTE: See Amahi Mail System for additional information.
Amahi Mail System
Home Page Amahi Mail System
Version 1.05
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated almost 3 years ago
Tags mail, pop3, imap, postfix, spamassassin, courier, clamav
  • Fedora 14 Fedora 19
  • Fedora 21 Fedora 23
  • Fedora 25 Fedora 27
  • Fedora 32

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