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The GParted application is the GNOME partition editor for creating, reorganizing, and deleting disk partitions.

NOTE: The application may not install correctly as it's a large download of approximately 300MB.


  • Create partition tables (e.g., msdos, gpt)
  • Perform actions with partitions such as: create or delete, resize or move, check, label, copy and paste.
  • Manipulate file systems such as: btrfs, ext2/ext3/ext4, fat16/fat32, hfs/hfs+, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs/reiser4, ufs, xfs
  • Enable and disable partition flags (e.g., boot, hidden)
  • Align partitions to mebibyte (MiB) or cylinder boundaries
  • Attempt data rescue from lost partitions
  • Supports hardware RAID, motherboard BIOS RAID, and Linux software RAID.
  • Supports all sector sizes (e.g., 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 byte sectors)

WARNING: This application is designed for advanced users and should be used with caution. Use could disrupt and alter your server functionality. This application is not endorsed or officially supported by Amahi.

Home Page GParted
Version 1.2.0-1
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated about 2 years ago
Tags partition manager, disk partition, format, copy
  • Fedora 14 Ubuntu 12.04
  • Fedora 19 Fedora 21
  • Fedora 23 Fedora 25
  • Fedora 27 Fedora 35

This app is in status ALPHA and is only available for testing to members of the Amahi Tester Program until the app is stable to become Live.

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