• Serviio


    Serviio allows you to stream media files (music, video or images) to devices (e.g. TV, Bluray player, game console or mobile phone) on your home network.

    3.6 / 20 ratings
    ArcademSX Game Pack 2

    ArcademSX Game Pack 2

    Game pack includes 3D Tetris, Battleships, Connect Four, Funny Towers Card Games, Great Mahjong, Joking Apart Video Poker, and Ultimate Jewel.

    3.7 / 20 ratings
  • Multicraft


    Multicraft is a Minecraft server admin that lets you start, stop, restart, manage configuration, plugins and server code for your own Minecraft server.

    3.4 / 20 ratings


    XDM (eXtendable Download Manager) is a plugin based media collection manager. It is highly extensible with both internal & 3rd party plugins.

    2.0 / 20 ratings
  • Amahi Invaders

    Amahi Invaders

    Game of planet invaders, Amahi style

    4.0 / 20 ratings
    Minecraft Server

    Minecraft Server

    Minecraft server for your HDA. You need the Minecraft game to play in your server. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.

    3.2 / 20 ratings