• Sales Syntax

    Sales Syntax

    Sales Syntax Live Help (SSLH) is alive support solution that helps customer support with live help functionality.

    3.0 / 20 ratings


    A web interface to syslog and other network event data. It provides easy browsing, analysis of real-time network events and reporting services.

    2.9 / 20 ratings
  • Ampache


    Web based audio and video streaming application and file manager allowing you to access your music and videos from anywhere. Supports most Internet enabled devices.

    2.8 / 20 ratings
    Monit Service Manager

    Monit Service Manager

    Monit is a web interface to managing and monitor processes, programs, files, directories and filesystems on a Unix system.

    3.8 / 20 ratings
  • Amahi Anywhere

    Amahi Anywhere

    Amahi Anywhere is an app and a service provided by Amahi to locally and remotely access, browse and stream files from your server, without VPN.

    2.7 / 20 ratings


    Multicraft is a Minecraft server admin that lets you start, stop, restart, manage configuration, plugins and server code for your own Minecraft server.

    3.3 / 20 ratings