Amahi for Android

Access your stuff with your phone & tablet, at home or on the go!

Amahi for Android enables you to access your HDA's files at any time, from anywhere.Google play store

  • Seamless remote access. No need for port-forwarding or VPN!
  • Browse movie posters in movie folders
  • Fast local access with LAN access mode
  • Support for streaming most of the popular media codecs and containers, like MPEG-4, MKV, DivX, Xvid, MP3 and more.
  • Slide to view pictures
  • Continuous play for music folders
  • Support for document formats like PDF, Powerpoint, Excel and Word (external apps required)
  • Embedded VLC player developed in collaboration with the VideoLAN team
  • Support for phones and tablets running Android 4.3 and later
  • Secure SSL standards-compliant
  • Using Amahi's very own open-source transport technology
  • Single logon with your Amahi credentials

Amahi for Android in action

Check out these screenshots of the Amahi Android app on a Nexus tablet, watching movies, reading books, browsing pictures and more!

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Getting the App

Google play store

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