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Docker CE

Docker CE

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Docker Engine is the industry’s de facto container runtime. Docker creates simple tooling and a universal packaging approach that bundles up all application dependencies inside a container which is then run on Docker Engine. It enables containerized applications to run anywhere consistently on any infrastructure.

NOTE: This application will install the Amahi Docker CE Repo application. You will need to install the Amahi Cockpit or application to access the web management interface.

Docker Engine:

  • Forms the common foundation underlying the Docker Enterprise platform, allowing developers and operators to turn ideas into reality quickly and securely.
  • Supports any type of application - legacy to cloud-native, monolithic to 12-factor - and works with multiple operating systems, across hybrid/multi-cloud and validated to work with Kubernetes CRI.
  • Built with security in mind. With Docker Content Trust and FIPS 140-2 validation, Docker Engine users can run containerized applications in highly regulated environments.

WARNING: This application is designed for advanced users and should be used with caution. Use could disrupt and alter your server functionality. This application is not endorsed or officially supported by Amahi.

Docker CE
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Version 18.09.0
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated 7 months ago
Tags docker, container, secure, bundle
  • Fedora 23 Fedora 25
  • Fedora 27 Fedora 34

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