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Tine 2.0 is a web based online groupware system. Working with Tine 2.0 is fun and eases the workaday life cause it activates synergies through high acceptance in your whole organization. The system leads to a more productive business organization and communication: Addresses, Appointments, Tasks and other data could be approved, shared, distributed and appreciated easily. Tine 2.0 is an open source business collaboration software covering groupware, CRM and ERP aspects. The Server component is build as a service provider where the client run as Rich Internet Applications in the any web-browser.

  • Productive Forms
  • Full Rights Administration
  • Internationalization
  • Desktop Like Application
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Dynamic Lists
  • ActiveSync Support
  • Activities Logbook
  • PDF Export
Home Page Tine
Version 2.0 Build 2011-05-5
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated over 8 years ago
Tags crm, timesheet, contacts, billing
  • Fedora 14 Ubuntu 12.04
  • Fedora 19 Fedora 21
  • Fedora 23 Fedora 25
  • Fedora 27 Fedora 38

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