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Stream your videos to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or browser.

Allows you to stream your MPEG-4 (H.264 only) videos using any HTML5-compliant browser that supports H.264: Safari (on computers and mobile devices), Chrome, Android, and others.

NOTE: This will not work correctly with Firefox or Internet Explorer.

To be available for streaming in this app, your video files needs to be MPEG-4 files, with the video stream encoded using the H.264 codec. You'll also want the audio stream to use a codec that your browser supports (most likely AAC).
For each file that isn't compatible, Videos5 will allow you to create a new version that can be streamed.

If your Movies share contain folder.jpg and filename.tbn files (image files used by XBMC for thumbnails), those will be used to display thumbnails for folders and video files. More details about thumbnails can be found on the Videos5 wiki page.

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