Can I disable the DHCP server in my Amahi HDA?

Note that a few of the benefits of your HDA will not work if you disable DHCP on your server. It's not recommended. Your clients should be using your server DNS for apps to resolve correctly..

The DHCP server in the HDA can be stopped by doing this:

  • First go to the Setup --> Settings and turn on Advanced settings
  • Then go to the Network --> Settings and turn off DHCP server

Here are the tradeoffs if you would like to only use some of the functionality.

In short, a few of the nicer features of your HDA will not be available. You can still point your machines to the DNS server in the HDA and get some of the benefits, like nice URLs for your HDA-provided services. This is not a supported configuration for things like Amahi Netboot.

Updated over 3 years ago

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