Does Amahi support Ubuntu?

We made a version of Amahi running Ubuntu (Amahi 6) in 2013. It was later superseded in 2014 by Amahi 7 (on Fedora, as we lost our developer to a change in lifestyle). It took a long time to find a dedicated and thoughtful developer for it. At the moment, this effort was largely stopped and Amahi 6 is currently in maintenance mode.

We thought the grass would be greener in Ubuntu, however, in fact, it was not. It was all a mirage, led by the enthusiasm of the community. In the end there were a few more issues.

  • Repo issues were similar (they vanish, introduce issues with caching, etc. This is subtle, hard to explain and hard to manage at scale.
  • We could not easily patch upstream, it was impossible to get the attention of anyone in the Ubuntu community, whereas in the Fedora (and CentOS) communities, they were open to receiving patches and we had multiple times where we contributed releases to packages that we had patched for our community, sometimes in record times.
  • At some point we volunteered to maintain some packages that were edgier and we had expertise with and we did for a long time (passenger).
  • The Ubuntu community have little interest in the Linux community at large, whereas the Fedora/CentOS community have more of a leadership position.
  • Ubuntu has much less (if at all) mature (and degree of commitment) to ARM, which is something we're interested in for migrating to more power efficient hardware platforms
  • The RPM system is, in the end, more mature and better documented than the APT system. More professional and better documented wins. We thought APT packages would be more polished, but in fact were harder to maintain.
  • Our Ubuntu developer realized all these things and how hard it is to do in that community. He had a change in life situation and had to slow down. Later when he came back, he realized Fedora (and maybe one day CentOS) worked better for Amahi.

In short, there were not enough resources available to further support the development of an new Ubuntu port, unfortunately.

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