How do I update my Amahi HDA?

You do not need to do anything to update your Amahi home server. Automatic updates are enabled by default for the Amahi-only parts of the system.

This is the update policy in Amahi:

  • Amahi updates are automatic. Major security updates from the base distribution will also be made available for automatic updates
  • OS updates are not enabled automatically. This is for stability reasons. We don't discourage users from updating, however, we do not have the resources to test these, so things could break!

This seems to work well and we received good feedback on it, users like it.

We do try to make sure we keep reasonably up to date with the upstream distribution to make sure updates do not break anything in Amahi, however, that's something of a race, so if you update and notice something strange with Amahi, please report it (file a bug, or in the forums), indicating that you updated.

Updated over 3 years ago

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