How secure is Amahi Sync?

Your files are stored both on your shares and on Amahi's servers. All files are kept securely on Amazon Web Services. You can find more information about Amazon AWS.

The files are transmitted with state-of-the art encryption to Amahi's cloud servers. Only Amahi Team members that need to service these servers have (encrypted, key based) access to them. Note that there is no mechanism for Amahi Sync to receive files, only upload files from shares that have been deemed subject to Amahi Sync. This provides a more secure environment for your HDA.

Learn about Amazon S3™s security measures on the Amazon website.

Amahi Sync at the moment only supports files in the Public share. By definition this lets you get public links to those files, even though the files are unlisted. The only way for someone to access these files are that a) you give them a link to it or b) someone guesses the link to the file.

Files from different users have different locations and are separated by DNS-based names, each in a virtual host belonging to each user. This helps in separating user areas, because one area is not reachable from another.

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