I cannot access my HDA or my apps! Help!

This is one of the most common questions. The overwhelmingly likely cause for this is that your client computer or device is not getting its DNS from your HDA.

Once your HDA is up and running, the simplest way to solve this is this
  • Stop all other DHCP servers on your network (typically there is a DHCP server in your router servicing your LAN)
  • Make sure you reboot your devices. We don't like this, but it's simple. You could also try to turn off networking (e.g. wifi) and turn it back on, so that your device gets a new DHCP lease from your HDA
This is a very common issue with new installations. Many devices really like to retain old DHCP leases (from the LAN router, typically), so they need to be forced into your new network provider, your HDA, and this is best done through a reboot.

Updated about 3 years ago

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