I want to add a printer to my HDA and make it a printer server, how do I do it?

You can use your HDA as a print server. Our wiki has a guide on making your Amahi HDA a print server.

Amahi uses the features in the base Linux distro for that. See some more generic help here.

The general procedure is:

Install the drivers for your windows and mac machines first. You may need to plug in the printer to your windows machines first to get the drivers to even load.

Plug the printer into your Amahi HDA, configure it with the desktop printing admin tool and make sure it works (if your system is headless, use VNC).

Under samba, export the printer (this should be the case in your HDA). Also, make sure CUPS is running.

Then, in your windows machines or macs, add a network printer. You should be able to browse one from your HDA, and print a test page.

Updated over 8 years ago

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