I'm not receiving the activation email! Help!

Someone in your sam domain may have marked our emails as unsolicited, and in some cases, ISPs or email providers take actions to block our emails without telling us or providing a way for us to unblock them.

We try very hard to keep our reputation very high so that our email works well. We are not a source of unsolicited email and we have a simple way to unsubscribe. However, some people still mark our email as spam.

Notably, outlook/live.com/hotmail seem to not provide a simple way for us to unblock their services. We have proof that emails to them get delivered from us to them, just not to users.

We think we've found a solution for Outlook/Hotmail/Live users:

On the outlook page go to Options, then Right column, then Safe and blocked senders, then Add @amahi.org. It should work!

Updated 4 months ago

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