Is using an SSD for Amahi beneficial?

There are at least two elements to this: power and speed.

Generally, Amahi is meant to be long running. In that sense, it's power efficient to be in SSD. However, having only one SSD drive is not that efficient if a bunch of other disks are also spinning in the system. They have to be power-managed for the system to be efficient. If the other drives are green and power-managed so that they are efficient, then an SSD will play well.

The second point is speed. Generally, booting will be much faster with an SSD OS disk. Hower there will be limited benefit from SSD if you have enough memory to hold Amahi and the OS. Since Amahi and Linux is meant to have a fairly small memory footprint, this is not a high bar. Since Amahi is not meant to be rebooted often, having an SSD is of limited value for making a speedy boot.

Overall, it's nice to have SSD if you can afford it. It will become more and more affordable over time, so it's clearly the future!

Updated almost 5 years ago

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