When I subscribe to Amahi plans or buy apps, where does the money go?

The money goes to make Amahi self-sustaining, release faster, provide higher quality releases and apps, provide better support, and ultimately, grow faster.

There are several priorities for Amahi:

  • One of the main priorities is to make Amahi self-sustained. We have mostly reached that stage, where we can pay our bills every month.
  • Another priority is provide enough value to be able to hire the Amahi team full-time.
  • Other priorities are to foster open source apps and support worthy projects and organizations aligned with Amahi's goals.

Amahi supports EFF, FSF, Mozilla, as well as a closely related project, Greyhole.

We use the Amahi income to pay the bills. We have bills for hosting, backups, domains, certificates, subscriptions, attending events, etc.

Updated almost 5 years ago

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