• Wake-On-LAN Server

    Wake-On-LAN Server

    Turn your HDA into a remotely accessible Wake/Sleep-On-LAN Server.

    3.0 / 20 ratings


    GLPI is the Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration- Interface.

    4.3 / 20 ratings
  • TCExam


    TCExam enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

    4.0 / 20 ratings
    Disk Stats

    Disk Stats

    The Disk Stats application displays details and pie charts about disk drives attached to the users HDA.

    2.4 / 20 ratings
  • Server Logs Viewer

    Server Logs Viewer

    Server Logs viewer is a little script that shows you the latest lines of your server log files in a web browser.

    0.0 / 20 ratings
    Database Backups

    Database Backups

    This is a plugin to backup app databases on demand by admin users.

    4.2 / 20 ratings