I used the wrong domain name for the install ... Any way to reinstall with the name I really want without doing a full reinstall?

There is no good way to do this, unfortunately, so it's not officially supported. The domain information gets populated all over the place in configuration files as your HDA gets used. The best solution is to reinstall.

However, if you just installed and have no apps installed or have not done much, you can probably get away with it by doing these steps, only for advanced users:

  • Uninstall all apps and themes
  • Create a new profile in your control panel with the same settings, but with the new domain. This will give you a new install code.
  • In your HDA, bring up a terminal with root access (or ssh into your HDA if you do not have console).
  • Remove a file with this: rm /etc/sysconfig/amahi-hda
  • Run this command: hda-new-install -f NEWINSTALLCODE (replacing the NEWINSTALLCODE with your new install code you obtained above)

Again, this is not really fully supported.

Updated over 6 years ago

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